Friday, February 24, 2012

Scrapbook Expo Weekend/ Blog Hops Annoucements

Hi everyone! I'm super excited because this weekend, my friends and I will be having a Girls Weekend Getaway as we head to Anaheim for the Scrapbook Expo. We are going to be doing the Crop Night tomorrow and shopping on Sunday. Here's hoping I find some great goodies. Im packed and ready to go. Based on this photo:
"Can you say Overload!" LOL 

I try to make sure not too take much. Is this normal or do people take more than me. In a way I feel like going through everything again and taking stuff out. Oh well, it is what it is. haha.. Im just super excited.I promise to post pictures of my fun weekend when I return.

However, I also want to let you know of 2 Blog Hops I am participating this weekend.I would really love it if you stop by and check them out. I will be having giveaways. Since I am going to the expo, I will get some goodies for the Surprise Blog Candy Giveaway for both Hops.

The first Blog Hop is the Baby Blog Hop which takes place tomorrow. It will be with fun Baby Theme Ideas and Inspirations.

The Second Blog Hop is the Wilderness Blog Hop which takes place tomorrow. It will be with fun Ideas and Inspirations about being in the Wilderness.

That's it friends! hope everyone has a great evening. Hope to run into some of my blogger friends tomorrow at the Expo. Take care!

P.S. Due to the rumour about Google Connect going away which again Im not sure if it is or not. I wanted to play it safe and added The Linky Friends Tool! I would really love it if you follow me there too just incase they do decide to remove the Google Connect. I wouldn't want to miss contact with my followers. So please follow me there too. And I will do the same for all of you. 


  1. OMG! You lucky girl, I wish I could go...Have lots of fun and make sure you take pictures!

  2. Oh how I wish I could be going with you. I don't think you have to much, I am sure I would be taking even more. Don't forget an empty suite case for all the goodies you buy. YAY!
    Cindy Lou


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