Sunday, July 31, 2011

Welcome to My Craft Room!

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Good evening everyone. I hope everyone had a wonderful Sunday. Today has been very warm in Sunny California as we woke up to rain and thunder in the morning. But, I know that the plants and animals needed the rain. Yesterday my husband helped me put together a video of my Craft Room as we were testing out my new Flip HD Video Camera he got me before we headed out to a birthday party. When I first started my blog, I posted pictures of my Craft Room. I believe much has changed since I added new things to my room. So here is a video of just that. Please be aware that this is my first video where I do the talking, lol and I might sound nervous. I hope to do more videos to come of some tutorials of projects that I plan to do down the road. Also, in the video, you might here some meowing, it is my cat Jack who sneaked into my craft room to get some attention. 

Thank you again for checking out my video. Please stay tuned for tutorials to come.

Patty a.k.a Creative Diva

Live... Laugh... Create...


  1. Great video I love seeing where my fellow crafters create.... Love your room.

  2. I like peeking into other crafter's rooms too! I can't wait for mine to be finished so I can take everybody on a tour too!

    Oh, and I have a Jack the cat too! He's 21 pounds of chubby love!!!

    Amy E.

  3. Girl you are so organized and a great deal finder! Thanks for sharing. Makes me want to go clean my room now!!

  4. Enjoyed your video. Wish I had a craft room. Like the way you organized and all the great deals you got!

  5. Great video very organized tfs!!!

  6. Great job on your first video! You have an awesome craft room! :)


  7. Very nice craft room Patty! You look so organized. It is so nice to have a space to call your own!

  8. Terrific video. It was nice taking a tour of your craft room. I like getting bargins on crafts stuff. Your room is so organized. I loved it.
    Have a fabulous day.
    Cindy Lou

  9. Love your room amiga!! everything looks great! oh and you did a good job with your first video.


  10. Hey girl, great job and video I love to look at craft rooms!!! WOW! you got some great bargains, that's thee way to do it so we can same more $$$ for more goodies right? LOL!!! Thanks for sharing your work space:)

  11. Thanks for the tour of your fabulous craft room! You gave me some great ideas! :-) And great first video!

  12. Hi Creative Diva!
    Amazing trip to your room... you are so organized and a great deal finder.
    Thanks for sharing!

  13. Love your Craft room!!!
    I only have a space!!! LOL

  14. Hi Patty,
    Thanks for sharing your craft room with us. Everything is soooo organized and I must say you are a wonderful shopper. Great Bargain finds!

    Happy crafting!


  15. Hi Patty...still here catching up on your blog.
    You did a great job with this video, you look so pretty!
    Also, your space is great. You found so many good deals. I love a good bargain & have a hard time passing it up. Can't wait to see what other creations you share.
    Crafty best wishes,

  16. Your room is so ORGANIZED! I love it! Great find at the Thrift store!


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