Wednesday, February 9, 2011

You Say It's Your Birthday Blog Hop Winner & Liebster Blog Award

Hi everyone! When I came home today after having a great day at work with my students. I come home to check my Blog for all the sweet comments I receive from everyone (Thank you), when I see the surprise.
First, over the the weekend I participated in the You Say It's your Birthday Blog Hop at one of the many fantastic blogs I visit which is at . Please take some time to check out her awesome blog and become a follower. So, without further ado I won the Simply Charmed Cartridge. I was really excited because this is one of the many cartridges I really wanted to get. Thank you again Erika for the cartridge and for the awesome blog hop in honor of your daughter Ashley's birthday. 

 Secondly, I feel very honored today to know that I have received an award from a very talented and creative person named Sonia at
It is called the Liebster Blog Award.
Please take a moment to visit her awesome blog and become a follower. She is an incredbile and very talented. It shows me that her and other bloggers enjoy my blog. Thank you again.
Therefore, without further ado I am here to honor to 3-5 others to bring awareness to other wonderful blogs. The Liebster Blog award is given to bring new blogs to light. It's a great way to share blogs that might not otherwise be seen or ones you want to share with others.

As a recipient you must share the love and pay it forward by:
1-Creating a post where you blog about the Liebster award & reveal your 3-5 blog picks
2-Let them know you chose them
3-Copy & paste the blog award on your blog
4-Have faith that your followers will rally & show their crafty love back out to those you awarded
5-Have fun!

Please show these lovely & talented crafters some much deserved love.
Your support means so much to them. Some days it is just the jolt they need to get their creative juices flowing.

Here are my picks:

1. Amber @
2. Cindy @
3. Rachelle @
4. Ashley @

Again, please take the time to visit these wonderful ladies and be amazed with their wonderful creativity to the love of crafting. Follow their blogs. Show them some love and support!

Thank you again Erika and Sonia! Have a great day everyone. I hope to post a project or two pretty soon later tonight!


  1. Awe!! Your so sweet! Thank you for thinking of me! I appreciate it!!! I will do my best to get to this tomorrow. I've had 3 interviews this week and 1 more to go. I'm a busy bee. LOL But I promise, I will get to it.


  2. No worries Ashley! Good luck on your interviews! I know you will do great!


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