Friday, February 25, 2011

Count your cookies in the Oven

Rainy night again! I guess we have to endure more rain this weekend! Well, if we can't go outside, at least we can be inside and craft away! As many of you might not know, I am currently going to school to hopefully become an Elementary School Teacher. I received my Master's Degree in Education 2 years ago, but I'm taking the last few classes I need to earn my teaching credential, and also trying to pass the CSET. So on Thursday nights I'm currently taking a course called "Curriculum Development in Math & Science. I have a Math Teaching presentation coming up in which I will describe a math activity that teaches Number Recognition. I'm basing the activity on the story "The Doorbell Rang" by Pat Hutchins. I used my Cricut machine to create the activity called "Count your Cookies in the Oven."
George & Basic Shapes: Circle Size 5 on Tan for cookies
Cuttin Up Cartridge: Numbers 1-12 Size 3.5 on Red Card Stock
From My Kitchen Cartridge: Oven Size 5

 Anticipatory Setting: I will read the story to the kinders to introduce the math activity.
 Guided Practice Lesson: The students will work individually or in pairs to play the math activity.
 The ovens and cookie numbers will be laminated so that it can be used often without damaging or ripping.
 The students will be asked to read and recognize the number.
The students will use clay to form the number on the cookie. Then they will use the clay to shape them into cookies and place that number of cookies onto the oven.

I would have never thought that my Cricut machine would come in handy in creating my teaching lessons. Well, I hope everyone enjoyed the math activity I created. With so many things that I have going on this week, I wanted to make sure that my presentation for my upcoming class this Thursday was set to go. I'm also excited because I will be attending the Scrapbook Expo in Anaheim on Sunday. If anyone is attending this Sunday, please let me know so we can meet up to say hello.


  1. I love to use my Cricut to create activities for my class. I teach 5th grade, so there are many areas that can be addressed. I just created a technology poster that covers inventions. Good luck with your last couple of classes.

    Carson's Cricut Creations

  2. Great idea! I know your students will love this activity! :o)


  3. Hi amiga, great project! Im sure you will do great with your presentation. I also wanted to tell you that I gave you the Stylish Blogger Award. So stop by my blog to get it. =)

  4. Hi Diva ! great Idea !!! Love your blog...
    Thanks for commenting in my blog and become in my follower...
    Have a great Saturday!
    Maria ELena ;-)

  5. Love this idea!!! as a parent of a Kindergarten I know he would enjoy this activity/lesson!! Good for you on taking the last classes and wishing you the best on the CSET!!


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