Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Trial and Error

Hello everyone! Well, today I took a break from crafting to play around and figure out how to do a blog button. As I visited blogs, I have enjoyed seeing all types of great buttons, headers, and blog pages. So I hope I did it correctly. Grab my blog button if you like, hoping it takes you to my page. Again, if it doesn't work, I'm sorry about that. :) I'm still figuring out the basics of blogging as I mentioned before. Haha!  If you have any suggestions about getting around to figuring out how to create a blog button, please pass it on. I would gladly appreciate it. I wonder if there is a cliff-notes version for blogs. LOL Well, off to bed as tomorrow is another fun day of work with the cute little kinders. Today we celebrated our 100 days of School with a visit from Zero the Hero. Then class tomorrow night! So there is a chance you might see a project or 2 posted on Friday! Till then, Happy Crafting!


  1. Your button looks great, as soon as I figure out how to put it on my blog I will! ;) Maybe this weekend I will find some time to make my own. This whole blogging thing is fun, but a lot of work!


  2. I love your grab button it is cool. You might want to check out this blog site she has lots of great information about on how to do different things on your blog. Thanks for stopping by with your wonderful comments on my projects during Debbie's Birthday Blog Hop.



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