Monday, January 31, 2011

Yay! My Blog Hop Prize Arrived!

Hi everyone! I'm really excited because when I got home from work today, there was a package at the door. I opened it up and it was my i-rock Tool that I won 2 weeks ago from Thank you again Jessica! I love it and will definitely use it on my projects.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Card Making on a Rainy Day!

It's been raining all day today in Southern California! My BFF Marisela came over since we couldnt really do much outside during the rain! We decided to work in my scrapbook room and make some cards. She was catching up on making some Valentine Cards while I search for Blog Challenges today. I found two today. Before I say which: Here is a birthday card that can be given to a boy.
 Card: 4 x 5.5
Green Striped Card stock
Black and Dark Green Card stock
Birthday Boy Stamp
Happy Birthday Stamp

The first is at where is No Designer Paper Challenge. You are to create anything you like but you cannot use any designer paper. So I scrambled through my scrap tub and made this card that I will give to a friend of mine who is expecting.
Card: 4 x 5.5
Pink Card Stock 1/2 in cut on all sides
Light Blue Square Card Stock, Purple Square, White Square
Decorated Ribbon from Michaels
Prima Flowers, Glitter for Dress, & She's Expecting Stamp

 The second challenge is from
The task is:
1. Make a New Card, project, or Page
2. Must contain, Pink, Red, Black
3. Must contain ribbon
 Card: 4 x 5.5
Pink Glitter Card Stock
Card Stock Square: Red, Black, White
Black Flower Ribbon from Michaels
Flower stamp with Green Pearls added
Girl & Dog Stamp
Pink Pearl Glitter for outfit

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cards bring a smile to people in such a sweet way!

Hope everyone is having a good weekend! Yesterday, hubby and I had a date night! It was nice spending the evening together after being sick for a week. Thanks for all who wish me a get well. Im feeling much better. Hugs to all! After spending the day cleaning and doing laundry today, I had some time to create some cards for some challenges that I wanted to participate! Then, its off for a girls night out. My friend's and I are heading out to a piano bar. It should be fun! Ok,well here is the first card I made for challenge #15 Peachy Keen Sponsor. Since I dont have any Peachy Keen Stamps, I was still able to create a card following one of the sketches.
A2 blank white Card
Striped Paper, Dotted Paper
Card Stock: Yellow, Light Blue, Red, Blue
From My Kitchen Cartridge: Cupcake pg 61 Size 3 or 4
Studio Glitter Glue
Stampin Up Stamp: Happy Birthday
Birthday Wishes Stamp on the inside of card.

The second challenge that Im doing is at where we are to make a Valentine's Day card for a child. I decided to make this cute card for my niece Briana! She is 7 years old and she loves to dress up in her princess dresses or just anything in general. I thought this card would be perfect for her because I know she loves to dance and I want to give this to her on Valentine's day! She is also my God Daughter!
Card: 4 x 5.5
Paper Doll Dress Up Cartridge: 
Body on Tan Card stock size 3
Dancer Outfit size 3 on Design paper
Grass Border Size 2
Fence Size 2
Sweethearts Cartridge: Balloons Size 1
Happy Valentine's Day Stamp
Inside of Card: "We share so many things, especially smiles" stamp
Beaded Glitter to create necklace, bracelets, and a ring
Pearls for the hair

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Trial and Error

Hello everyone! Well, today I took a break from crafting to play around and figure out how to do a blog button. As I visited blogs, I have enjoyed seeing all types of great buttons, headers, and blog pages. So I hope I did it correctly. Grab my blog button if you like, hoping it takes you to my page. Again, if it doesn't work, I'm sorry about that. :) I'm still figuring out the basics of blogging as I mentioned before. Haha!  If you have any suggestions about getting around to figuring out how to create a blog button, please pass it on. I would gladly appreciate it. I wonder if there is a cliff-notes version for blogs. LOL Well, off to bed as tomorrow is another fun day of work with the cute little kinders. Today we celebrated our 100 days of School with a visit from Zero the Hero. Then class tomorrow night! So there is a chance you might see a project or 2 posted on Friday! Till then, Happy Crafting!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hello Everyone!

Well, as I continue to try to get rid of this cold, my own kind of medicine is spending sometime in my scraproom working on projects or creating cards. Today, as I visited some blogs, I saw that 2 blogs are doing challenges. So I decided to participate in them. Here is the first challenge at where it was Terrific Tuesday Challenge and asked to create any project using your Sweethearts Cartridge or anything similar to that. Good thing I have that cartridge. LOL
Sweethearts Cartridge: Kitten Size 2, Phrase Smitten Kitten Size 1 1/4
Cut Out Hearts on Red Card Stock
Googly Eyes
Valentine Ribbon from Michaels
Black Card stock for the card: 4 x 5.5
White Card Stock Cut about 1/4 in or so (Used Border Punch)
Pink Strip of Card stock
I love you Stamp on the inside of card.

The second Challenge I entered was from It is Challenge #44 Neglected Cartridge. You are to create something with a cartridge that you have not used in about 6 months or so. I decided to use the Mickey and Friends Cartridge because the last time I used it was this past summer when I was scrapbooking my many visits to Disney with my husband. Since Mickey and Minnie are one of my many favorite characters besides Alice in Wonderland. This is what I created. And if you noticed, I added Googly Eyes to it! It's trying to say that they are googly for each other! LOL
Mickey and Friends Cartridge: Mickey and Minnie Size 3, 
Heart Icon Size 1.5 on Pink Card Stock
Heart Icon Border Size 2 on Red Card Stock
Glossy Red Card stock for Card Size 5 x 6
 Black Card stock on top of card Size 5.5 x 5
Followed by Light Pink Card stock
Red Spool Ribbon
Letter Stickers

Well, I hope down the road I will be able to post some video tutorials and a short video of my scrapbook room. Therefore, I hope everyone has a great rest of the week. Happy Crafting!

Monday, January 24, 2011

My Pink Stamper Birthday Challenge & more...

Well, my intro to scrapbooking class for the afterschool program went really well. The students enjoyed it alot. I had them work on a Christmas Scrapbook page since that was the theme for the classroom. I was able to donate some of my materials for students to use and create their pages. I prepped the cutouts from the Stretch Your Imagination Cartridge. Then, I raffled off some prizes for students to have to continue their scrapbooking at home. I've made sure that at least every child got to go home with a prize. I hope to post some pics tomorrow.
  Today is Robyn's Birthday from where she is doing a Birthday Challenge for a chance to win either one of these two cartridges: Twinkle Toes or Simply Charmed. So I created this Birthday Card in which I added a Mini Robot to it from my Robotz Cartridge. I had it laying around so I figured I put it to good use. LOL So hope you like it.
Stretch Your Imagination Cartridge: Cake Size 2.5
Robotz Cartridge: Robotz 1 Size 1
Pink Glitter Card Stock for Card: Size 4 x 5.5
Pink Stripe Paper 
Cupcake Ribbon from Michaels
Happy Birthday stamp from Stampin Up
   Yesterday, I mentioned that I attended a Card Making class taught by Amber ( Definitely check out her blog and be a follower if you like. She is very talented and does some amazing cards. These are the cards that I have made that she taught us how to do.I even learned how to stitch a card. I'm still practicing but I love it. If you are reading this Amber, thanks again =). 

 Well, I hope that everyone had an amazing day! As I continue to visit all of these wonderful blogs, I'm still amazed of how talented all of you are. Till next time! Live... Laugh... Create...

My First Blog Hop Win & Blog Award!

Hi everyone! I am super excited to have won in the Blog Hop that I joined this past week by I want to say Thank you so much. I also feel honored to have won the Stylish Blog Award by Norma from It makes me feel good to know that people enjoy the projects I post and my blog. Just to see the many followers that I have met along the way and those who have followed me on my blog inspires me to create more crafty things. Please take a moment to check out these awesome blogs by these amazing ladies. I know that everyone is Talented in their own special way. Live... Laugh... Create...

To accept this Stylish Blog Award, I must do the following:
1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded me this award 2. Share 8 things about yourself 3. Pay it forward to 8 bloggers that you have recently discovered 4. Contact those bloggers and tell them about their awards
8 more things about me how fun LOL!!
1. I love scrapbooking and cardmaking of course, LOL!
2. I love to shop and buy shoes!
3. I love watching Disney Movies!
4. I love chocolate!
5. I like traveling to new places with my husband!
6. I love to cook Enchiladas!
7. My favorite ice cream is Cherry Jubilee.
8. I have a love for dancing!
I'm awarding this Stylish blog award to the ladies below:

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hi everyone!

Hello everyone,
   Well, I got to enjoy some nice "Me" time today since my hubby was out for the day on a work retreat. I got to do some shopping, had lunch at Panera, and then spent the evening hanging out with my siblings. As much as I hope to get a project done to post tonight, I did not have a chance and feeling a bit under the weather. However, I am looking forward to tomorrow. I'm attending a workshop where I get to learn how to make 5 Valentine Cards from another talented Card Designer. So I will definitely be posting what I've made tomorrow night. I look forward to visiting all my blogger's pages and see what fantastic things they have made. Have a great evening everyone.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Happy Friday!

Yay! The weekend is finally here. Just a week ago, I was setting up my blog. I'm exciting to see people checking out my blog and leaving some wonderful comments. THank you again! I'm also excited because I was asked from one of my husband's former Tutors that if I can come in and give an Intro to Scrapbooking class to school-age children from 2nd grade to 8th grade for an after-school program. I hope that I can inspire them some how and create some stuff for them to have. On the other note, I had some time today to spend some "Me" time in my scrapbook room. First, I created a banner or title for my scrapbook room.
Crcut Cartridge Wall Decor and More: Crown & Phrase Diva Size 5
Jubilee Cartridge: Creative Size 5
For the Crown, I added Pearl Adhesive that I bought at the Scrapbook Expo.

Then, I created a baby shower card for a co-worker of mine that is having a baby in May. I figured I make it now and store it away until it's time to give it to her. 
Cricut Cartridge: Wall Decor & More: Onesie Border size 2
Phrase Sweet and Precious Size 1 1/2 on Pink 
Bright Pink 3 1/2 x 8 for the card
Light Blue Strip for inside of card
Baby Stripe Paper
Stripe Ribbon from Michaels
I added glitter glue to make a flower design on the clothing.
Mini Brads from Queen & Co.

Hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend! Let's see what I can create tomorrow. 
Remember: Live... Laugh... Create...

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Happy Tuesday everyone!

After a nice four day weekend! It was time to get back to work with the cute little kinders. I was excited coming home to find that my 2 Cricut Cartridges that my wonderful husband got me from Ebay have arrived. I got the Give a Hoot and Wall Decor & more as shown below. He has been so great in supporting my love for scrapbooking & cardmaking.LOL So far I have a good starting point to my collection of Cricut Cartridges from the clearance sell at Michaels and now Ebay.

So as I had some time to visit some fantastic blogs, I came across the blog Fantabulous! I entered this card for the challenge. It is a Birthday Card with a sweet cupcake. I also entered this card in another great challenge by
From my Kitchen Cartridge: Cupcake Size 3
Light Blue Card Stock 3.5 x 5 
Pink Glitter Card Stock 4 x 5 or less than an inch from each side
A strip of Bright Pink Card stock & placed a Cupcake Ribbon on top.
Embossed the Cupcake filling top and the stem.
Happy Birthday Stamp & used embossing powder for the effect.

 Lastly, I wanted to show some cards that my talented friends entered into a challenge I had made for them. They were asked to make a handmade card, scrapbook page, or something crafty. We love to have our crop nights and so on. So I thought this would be fun for them. 
Top Winner:  Veronica G.

I believed she used Stretch your Imagination Cartridge. 
She made this card to be given for a birthday party she was attending. 

Second Card was handmade by Marisela M.
Sweethearts Cricut Cartridge

This card was handmade by Leslie K. 
 Well I hope everyone is having a great week so far. Happy Crafting....

Monday, January 17, 2011

Creativity still lives on....

   Before I share a few cards I have made yesterday and today, I would like to take this time to thank everyone who became a follower on my blog. As I still try to get the hang of this, I appreciate all your sweet comments.
   The first card is a birthday card I quickly made in 10 minutes for my cousin's son 2nd Birthday. He loves Thomas the Train so I knew I had to find card stock paper of Thomas the Train. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find a sticker of Thomas the Train but used a cupcake puncher instead. Here is a photo to show what it looks like.                                                                     
Black Card stock Paper 4 1/2 by 5 1/2
Thomas the Train Paper Trimmed to be placed on top of card. 
A strip of Black Spool Ribbon  
Black Small Square
Cupcake Punch
Stamp Marker for Dots on Cupcake 
Happy Birthday Stamp
   After I got home, I checked out one of my new followers: In her blog, she had some information about a sweet boy named Charlie who is need of love and support. If you have some time, please check out her blog as she provides more info about Charlie. She has asked and I'm asking everyone else if you have some time, please make a card that will brighten up this little boy's day. Here is a card that I made for him that I will be mailing out tomorrow. 
Blue Card stock Paper 4 1/2 by 5 1/2
Yellow Card stock trimmed an inch from each side to be placed on top of card. 
Border Punch- Blue Strip Paper
Thinking of You  Stamp
Cricut Cartridge Robotz: Robotz 3 Size 3 on light blue paper
Layers on Dark Blue Paper
I added Googly Eyes to give it a cool effect. 
  Finally, today on my day off, I visited one of my good friends who is also very crafty named Leslie. We made some Valentine cards and I wanted to share what I made and one that she made. I also plan on helping her make a blog so that she can show some of her projects. So hope to do that for her soon.
Red Cardstock Paper: 4 1/2 x 5 1/2
Pink Card Stock Paper 4 1/2 x 3 1/2
Cricut Cartridge Sweethearts: Frog Prince & Kiss Me Phrase Size 3
Googly eyes
Slotted Puncher and placed a Decorated ribbon through it.  

This handmade card was made by my friend Leslie Katiyar.
She just got a cricut in December and I gave her a 
brief intro on how to use it. This was one of my favorite cards she made. 
Cricut Cartridge Sweetheart: Couple Size 3 and Phrase "Love" size 2 1/2
Black Card Stock for the Card
Light Blue Decorate paper with Spirals
Red Ribbon glued across the middle of the card
So till next time... Happy Crafting!